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Newest topics

Simplify the Norwegian written language. Develop a new language education.

All languages are important for survival, learning and social joy in life. Two good measures. Written languages should be simplified. Then it can be more easy to learn a language. Use the spoken language as a respectful identity marker.


Better global English

Global written languages ought to be very close to a standardized variant of the corresponding spoken language. An example: The word "write" ought to be replaced with the word "rait" in global English.

English is now two rather different languages. We must learn the pronunciation of each word. And in addition we must learn to write all English words in quite another way.


Two problems in the background.

Technocracy is destroying nature. Personal career is of primary importance for scientists who are dominated by egoism.



Social life.

Refugee protection, adaption to two cultures.

Problems caused by the cultural migration. New principles for refugee-protection. A new refugee policy. The Nordic freedom.



Cultural interaction.

All religious festivals only in joint vacations. An example of a very good culture in classrooms and meeting rooms. The most important human culture. Language.




This website will now get a new design, and many previous articles are not online at the moment.