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This webpage will inspire new thinking about society and nature. Main objectives are the general well-being, good culture, social responsibility and sustainable use of nature.

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A Norwegian forest. Representatives of all the big Norwegian predators are wandering in this forest.

Safety in predator fields



Leisure in nature


Winter in Norway. The natural slopes close to the homes where children can play freely, are empty today. The whole childhood is organized by the adults. Today there is no time for self-directed children in freely child's play.

Self-directed child's play must have higher political priority

Two things should have equal status in government programs for young children. 1) school. 2) self-directed activity in green nature. This can make children more competent in life. Healthier, happier, more social, more creative and more functional in everyday life.


slow sports is to walk in natural speed.

slow sports is an art of living in a time when everything in the community shall go faster. It is about freedom. We can walk quickly when we want it, for example uphill. And we can walk slowly when we want it, for example when we will have better contact with nature.


The healthy danger

Let the children develop themselves in healthy danger! That will contribute to a good life. But what is healthy danger?


Safety in predator fields

wise behavior in nature can create natural security for outdoor people. The fear of predators in Norwegian forests can then be replaced with pleasure of adventure in a complete ecosystem.




There is a hole in the Norwegian language culture. The illustration is made by the writer.

The linguistic extremists reigns in Norway. They reject the idea about Samnorsk. (Samnorsk = joint Norwegian written language in the middle of the Norwegian language culture.) The two official Norwegian written languages Nynorsk and Bokmål are almost alike. Nynorsk is close to "Dialektar" (= the Norwegian dialects, the local spoken languages in Norway). Bokmål is close to "Dansk" (= the Danish written language, which is based on the dialect in the Danish capital city Copenhagen).

Better Norwegian policy for the national language

The hot-tempered language controversy in Norway forces all Norwegian school children to learn two almost alike Norwegian written languages. "Samnorsk", "Nynorsk" and conservative "Bokmål" are bad solutions.

A very simplified Norwegian written language (easy Norwegian) can be the best solution of the problem.


new Global English?

English is now two different languages. 1) spoken English. 2) written English. The result is double memorizing.


Social life


The population growth on Earth (billions people). The figure is made by the writer on the basis of statistical data.

a new refugee protection.

Problems caused by the cultural migration. New principles of refugee protection. A new refugee policy. The Nordic freedom.


new cultural interaction.

1) All religious holidays should have a fixed date every year, and they should be in public holiday weeks. Each of the four seasons should have public holiday weeks. 2) Knitting as an example of good culture in classrooms and meeting rooms.



This website will now get a new design, and many previous articles are not online at the moment. New text means here two things. 1) a first edition, which has recently been published. 2) a formerly published text, but now in a new form.

A personal protest

This website is a personal protest against humans' destruction of nature, against the attacks on the good society from powerful selfish powers, and against the reduced future prospects for new generations.

This website will also, by means of new thinking, promote suggestions about new solutions to important problems.

two problems in the background

There are two destructive traps for civilization. 1) The religious trap. 2) The technological trap.


Political protest

Protest against the Norwegian refugee policy.

I am against great foreign cultural immigration to Norway. But the Norwegian expulsion policy is worse. It is unreasonable and inhumane to those concerned. The thought that the Norwegian expulsion policy is a disgrace to the whole Norway, is the smallest problem. (February 2017)

A particular problem

as food for thought.

It is something I have wondered about:

Is it right to treat 16 year old immigrants as children? My answer is: I do not know. What do you mean?

There are many elderly people in today's Norway who started to work as adults when they were 16 years old, with the requirements and personal expectations it entailed. They became not hurt by that reason. And not all of them lived in their parents' home when they were 16-year-olds. Some of these 16 years old workers lived a day's journey from their parents. Also the person, who is called "the all-time environment minister" in Norway began as an industrial worker in Oslo at age 16.

On the other hand, I would argue that it is set far greater demands on the youth of today than then. Young people without special vocational education, whether they are 16, 18 or 30 years old, can hardly get a job in Norway today. This will also young immigrants in Norway be exposed to. In addition, some of them can have language difficulties, while others can become discriminated because of the fear of immigrant cultures.

Larger educational requirements do not imply that 16 years old youths must be treated as children. But we can of course be wondering this, when we see how foolish 18 years old Norwegian youths behave (as a group) when they, in the middle of the final examinations, are celebrating in a childish and in addition a very stupid way that they shall leave the high school.

Today's young people live in a very different time than when previous generations were young. Social media is just one example. Youth are now, in some areas, treated as children for a too long time. Among other things, many big children are now heavily shielded against both the free play environment and against taking practical responsibility in everyday life. On the other hand, the society will today throw all children and youths out into a raw digital world where many parents not will engage themselves, and where many parents do not have insight.

In former times, the religion could cause many life-hostile moral requirements on all people. The boys were for example denied to go with their hands in their pants pocket because the hand in the pocket could be able to fiddle with the unmentionable. People lived as oppressed creatures in a black spiritual darkness. The humans were denied to think independently over the big questions in life.

Today there is much greater demands on every child and youth about that they shall be perfect, both in terms of artificial appearance, successful economic career and in other ways. In addition, they are exposed to social harassment on social media.

Perhaps it is time that the adult world will become more adult? But what has this to do with young immigrants? The reader should think own thoughts about this.

Can we hope for a global youth rebellion against the prevailing robber-capitalistic and eco-demonic adult culture? In that case, we must hope that the objective not will be a religious or communist dictatorship.

Perhaps we can hope that we will get a positive global youth rebellion before our societies become too hard, before the social order will collapse, and before it becomes impossible for the humans to live a natural and good life on Earth!

In such a positive youth rebellion, all youths in Norway should go together for the future. But the society will hardly get any positive youth rebellion if the starting point for large groups of youths is a feeling of being outside the society.